Monday, July 12, 2010

Book Review: Earth Izayaa Allat

One of the greatest virtues in being a creator is sharing with other great minds of the time who born their own creations. It is like Che when he met different revolutionary leaders from the countries he visited or like Fidel, who til this day, maintains a close friendship with Gabriel Garcia Marquez, writer of the Latin American masterpiece One Hundred Years of Solitude. In my world of humble apartment living in New York City, creating as the True and Living Earth, it has been of great pleasure to meet and share with minds of my time. Whether it was the time I met Booker T. Coleman at Juice Bar and we discussed his lecture on how the Crusades was truly a violent race for the accumulation of sugar, the newly discovered drug of the white man, or seeing and briefly talking to Assata Shakur, while in Cuba, about life in exile and her revolutionary activities in the great island-country. Of most pleasure has been engaging in conversations and/or builds, whether virtually or in person, with the great Gods and Earths of this time. One such person is the DaGod Emblem. His builds and writings have truly added on to the real of the known. This God is definitely one of the great conceptualists of this time. His latest novel is one that you cannot put down once you’ve started on its journey. It will make you crack up like you haven’t laughed in years, feel angry, frustrated, and it will teach you information that you have not learned before.

Written through the perspective of its two main characters: Tranquility and Infinite, the reader is introduced to an added element within the writing never before included into a creative project; that of the urban subculture of the Nation of God and Earth. It is through this framework that one sees how each character develops through the story, with its underlying theme of Love. The dialect of the culture adds-on and enriches the cleverness in the writing. The many expressions from several of the characters indirectly teach the reader what the knowledge of self is about. It provides a general view of the teachings, how its members talk, and how it informs their lifestyles. It blends well in all the other layers within the story of so-called African-American culture beautifully captured in Emblem’s writing.

Sketches of Tranquility provides a creative forum of expression that enables the reader to connect, at varying levels, to the situations and/or characters of the story. For women it can become a story not too foreign from their own lived experience. For its female main character, it is the battling between success in the white-minded world and its contradictions with what she’s been taught to be as a righteous Black woman. Is she embodying more of the white man’s nature by getting her law degree and living on her own, rather than living out her nature as the true and living Earth, who is the Mother of civilization? It is this contradiction, as it is brought to her attention as a form of mental abuse by the male main character that becomes one of Tranquility’s battles with him. Mother than an independent woman, Tranquility is an expert in mastering both the grafted world (by extracting an expertise that will bring her financial security and serves as a way to help original peoples) and her world of truth embodied by her mother, sisters, and Infinite, whom she wants nothing more but his upliftment. She’s a woman that has it all together: a successful schooling career, a job in her field of study, a tight-knit family, knowledge of herself, and the ability to inspire. Infinite is the archetype of what most men in urban United States go through. Falling victim to savage passion and his inability to properly activate his talents were some of his struggles. Knowing the white man’s traps (i.e. more Black woman in college than Black men), he rather deals with his reality by attacking his black woman and trusting a female devil in providing him artistic guidance. His defeat and loss of power is felt all throughout this amazingly written novel.

This has been one of the most powerful stories I’ve read in quite sometime. Peace, Earth Izayaa Allat.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Review from Yasir Allah

I just finished reading the God Emblem's book called "A Sketch of Tranquility" and I must admit....It is one of the most Entertaining, Engrossing, and Emotionally riveting books I have ever read! It is an incredible piece and the true jewel in it is that it is written in a way that makes it accessible to all people! Whether you are a part of the NGE or not you cannot help but feel laughter, love, pain and hope as you put yourself in the middle of this real life relationship between the main characters of Tranquility and Infinite.
Peace to the God Emblem for adding another beautiful piece of work to this Universe.

Yasir Allah

Review from Eternal Earth

I have been an avid reader for the last 3 years, mostly non-fiction. In the three years a ran up on a blog spot of The God Emblem.

( sure how I even found it, yet I did. To give a little back round Emblem is a 5% (a tru n liveing, like for real)..I had started copying his blogs for my ex-God to read (he was incarcerated at the time)...he read and said yeah he a tru n living..just is, now this was the beginning of myself getting into 120 (knowledge of self)....and if anyone who knows that studies and IS 120 knows its like new air :)....I honestly can not explain it in words,yet the one that does is Emblem. Just go to his blogspot and enter the real air of life. So anyways he started writing Sketch, not a clue to how it even started for him, all is his blogs are everything and anything of life, reality, related back to 120, its freaking makes sense!

So he wrote a book A Sketch of Tranquility, that I received thanks to his Queen, Earth, Maternal, me ultimately Earth! Now before i get into the book, it was actually a blog, every week ( I believe) was a new episode a soap opera in writing. I was OBSESSED i tell you, checking every damn day like a fiend, on the phone analyzing with the ex-God on it (yes he was getting copies too). WE ALL have relationships with everyone in life, mother, sister, friend, boyfriend, husband, daughter, son, cousin....relationships...bonds......I related! Fast forwarding....he stopped writing, WTF....

The book!

Trying my hardest not to harass, I would drop messages to him, when is the next one, blah, blah, nothing! Then the book was coming....too excited. You say all over a book?, INDEED, if you are an avid reader, an experienced reader, not do you just read the book, you wanna know what is up with the author their thoughts, how well they relate to the reader....Em got it! Sketch got me...All relations of everyone in the book, every character, I don't just have one favorite of each character with whom they may relate i love them all, each one got swag:).....Intrigued? Cop it, read it in less than 24 it captivates you from beginning to end. I will his audience gets bigger those that don't know are soooooooo missing out.

I thank you all for taking the time to come through, so do me a favor go check the God and cop the book, thank you so kindly *curtsies*

As always I come as I leave eternally in peace;).....peaceeeeeeeeeeee

Monday, May 10, 2010

'Sketch Review' by Khadijah Khalifah Muhammad

I completed reading the novel, ‘A Sketch Of Tranquility’, by Emblem and “WOW” is the first word that comes to mind.

I found ASOT to be pleasurably feisty and forceful. Supremely written, A Sketch Of Tranquility is sexy, sizzling, funny, inspirational, and heartbreaking. Emblem did not waste our time with a watered down version of life. His depiction of the lives of the two main characters, Tranquility and Infinite, is adult, raw, open, realistic, honest, and very close to home for many of us, I’m sure. Quite often, I found myself putting the book down to reminisce of moments where I may have experienced similar situations as superbly illustrated in ASOT. Over and over again, I found myself laughing out loud, angry, sad, melancholy or in the mood for love….

If you’re looking for some good, solid, adult reading over the Spring and Summer, I highly recommend A Sketch Of Tranquility. As well, it would make a great addition to your book club, as ASOT offers a wealth of opportunities for character and situational analysis.

Hats off to you Emblem, job well done!!!

Khadijah Khalifah Muhammad.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Sketch of Tranquility... erotic, sexy, funny and thrilling. Tranquility is a twenty-six year old Brooklyn Law student who falls in love with Infinite, the unemployed painter.
"....undressed him slowly, kissing his lips and neck....yanked his jeans off violently....traveled from his chest to his navel with warm...." (excerpts)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

..."he was fire, she was gas, together they were an experiment with high emotional explosives..." (excerpts)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

"Indifferent! Indifferent! Be Indifferent!", she said in a harsh whisper under her breath. (excerpts)

Monday, April 5, 2010

'Pathetic Portrait of God'....the painting. Why was the painting so pathetic?

Sunday, April 4, 2010

....'Meanness' usually starts off as a playful innocence....when the word 'job' fell off her lips,it was like the sound of fingernails slowly screeching down a blackboard." (excerpts)